Need a Customized Solution?

Candidate Flowsm

Do you need help recruiting but don’t need or want all the services of traditional retained executive search?

We also provide research and sourcing services, such as:  name generation and candidate screening or can develop a customized recruiting solution that’s tailored to fit your needs.

Candidate Flow Customized Search

Candidate Flowsm unbundles our retained search process and shares recruiting responsibilities with you.

We adjust our fees, terms and engagement structure to deliver the services you need—typically at a fraction of the cost of traditional retained search.

Consider using Candidate Flowsm when you:

  • only need sourcing or prequalifying services.
  • have multiple similar positions to fill at the same time.
  • want to research the available candidate pool before launching a full search.
  • need help building a pipeline of high quality candidates.

Candidate Flowsm is for clients who have a robust internal recruiting team but want to partner with a specialty search firm to tackle particular recruiting challenges, whether diversity focused or not.

Get details on Candidate Flowsm and discuss your specific situation.