Coaching Clients

“My coaching sessions with Craig helped me do something I simply could not do on my own – really see myself.  His questions, assessments and exercises poked and prodded me into awareness about my strengths and aptitudes, my passions and desires, and most important, the truth about what kind of life I want to live.  In the face of that truth, I found the courage to pursue my dream of starting a business.  As a result, I am now the happy CEO of a thriving leadership communications consulting firm.”
– Adrienne S. Harris, CEO Cygnus Communications

“The workshop that Kenneth presented to our group was the perfect combination of attitudinal beliefs and practical action.  Everyone benefited from the session.”
– Sara Winsip, Trustee, Atlanta Unity Church

“I was indecisive about the specific role and industry in which I wanted to focus my career.  Career Coaching with the LeROI Group helped me narrow my focus by uncovering my best talents and resources. I am now ranked #4 in my company after building a successful Career as an Executive Sales Professional. The ongoing career coaching helps keep me on track with meeting my career goals. I have also found the LeROI Group to be a good resource for career advice and counsel regarding challenges like salary negotiation and dealing with office politics.”
– Yaslynn Mack, Sales Executive

“Kenneth helped me focus my desire, enthusiasm and competitive nature on exactly the position that I wanted, and then he helped me craft a plan that has led to this, my first job after my NFL career.”
– Omare Lowe, Seattle Seahawks, Player Personnel Intern

“Craig has a unique and incredibly insightful ability to facilitate “personal career revelations” for his clients. I can remember our conversations years later and continue to be amazed by his foresight. I would not hesitate to recommend Craig in the career coaching capacity and will always value his support services.”
– Harvey Davis

“The practical, marketing oriented advice that I received from a LeROI Group workshop was instrumental in getting my career back on track.  I was able to make a slight change in career direction that landed me further ahead in an organization than where I thought I would be.”
Sanford Campbell, Sales Manager, Printpack

“Craig was an outstanding career coach. His broad experience as both an executive and an HR professional allowed him to provide tremendous insight, and my career has benefited greatly from our work together.  I recommend him highly.”
Matt Jochim , Director Strategic Business Development, Home Depot

“Kenneth, Craig and The LeROI Group have been dispensing career advice on a formal and ad hoc basis in Atlanta for nearly two decades.  Many individuals and organizations, on all sides of the employment continuum, have benefited from their advice.”
Joy Barnes, City of Atlanta

“Craig’s coaching and counseling were the exact ingredients that were needed to get me into gear. He helped me to identify my core strengths and competencies, and by completing the assignments he provided, I learned what my interests and aspirations were. Our work together enabled me to complete a “career roadmap.”  He is intelligent, insightful, patient and optimistic. Craig is a gifted life coach who taught me a few lessons.  I highly recommend him.”
Fay C. Gayle Hickle, Manager, Sales Transaction Hub (North America, East Region), IBM Corporation