What Are You a Solution For?

Effectively managing your career is a responsibility most of us know we must embrace however, few of us actually know how.

“Why is looking for a job or jockeying for a promotion so frustrating and humbling?”LeROI Career Services

The Marketing Metaphor

Finding the perfect job is essentially a target marketing challenge.  You have to align your product’s benefits (that’s you), with your customer’s needs (your prospective employer).

“When I began thinking of myself as a product instead of as a job seeker, my job search became more successful because I gained more power, objectivity, and self-confidence.”

Since successful products provide the best solutions, finding the perfect job essentially boils down to answering… What Are You a Solution For?

4 P’s of Marketing

Learn how the basic marketing principles—Product, Place, Promotion and Price—can be used to create a step-by-step road map for changing jobs.

  • Product ~ self-assessment
  • Place ~ research and targeting
  • Promotion ~ resume, elevator pitch, networking and interviewing
  • Price ~ positioning and negotiating

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Free Self-Assessment Tool

Our simple yet powerful free self-assessment tool, The 5 Questions, helps you identify your natural talents, passions, and most compelling selling features.