The 4 P’s of Marketing

Do you have a personal career marketing plan?

  • Have you identified your “unfair competitive advantage”? Personal Career Marketing Plan
  • Are you currently leveraging your natural talents, skills and interests?
  • What is your unique selling proposition?

The 4P’s of Marketing: Product, Place, Promotion and Price offer a simple road map to give you more power, increase your confidence, and help you find the perfect job.

Job hunting is essentially a target marketing challenge.  It’s all about ensuring that you offer the right product to the right market, via the right message, for the right price.

“As a sales and marketing professional, I use these techniques every day for my clients but never thought about applying them to my own career management!”

Don’t think of yourself as a hopeful, anxious job applicant.  Take on the role of an entrepreneur or brand manager bringing a new product to market.

The product is “Brand You.”  And since all products provide solutions, the fundamental question that you need to answer is, “What Are You a Solution For?”

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